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The HTC Smart Phone – Compact But Packed with Features

If you’re searching for a smart phone for the first time or you’ve decided to replace the one you already have, then your search is over. The HTC Smart Phone models combine a compact design and great style with innovative function. One of the models, the HTC Touch P3542, is a favorite among consumers and it’s no wonder. This phone is perfect for either personal or business use.

This particular model is unlocked which means that if you have a contract, when your contract ends, you can go to a new cell phone carrier for service if you choose to do so. You’ll have to make sure that the phone is compatible with the carrier you’re thinking of switching to before you make a decision.

You can use a stylus with most smart phones but it takes an intelligent device to recognize commands by s simple touch. The HTC Smart Phone listed here allows users to navigate the features by using TouchFlo technology. This feature works by softly swiping a finger across the screen to bring up various screens for you to choose from. It also offers users the chance to choose contacts through the ‘dial-by-picture’ choice.

With this phone, you’ll have a battery with a long lasting life between charges giving you more connection time when you need it. The phone works with Wi-Fi and as an added bonus feature includes GPS navigation. It has the dependability of Windows Mobile 6 and comes with Outlook Mobile.

Outlook Mobile allows users to keep up with email and have access to their calendar and the information can be stored neatly in folders so you have access to what you need when you want it. This model also brings users Office Mobile and instant messaging as well.

Some smart phones limit the amount of third party applications you can have on your phone but with the P3542, you can have thousands of apps on your phone. The Edge data network brings consumers fast downloads so you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for what you want.

Saving you time in downloads is only one way this phone helps makes the most of your day. Completing your tasks are easier than ever when you’re busy on the go but need to zip off a quick message to a business contact. This model will help you spell like a champ because it automatically fixes simple spelling mistakes.

Have your phone your way. Certain phones will only allow you to keep it the way the manufacturer sets the specifications. But you can customize your HTC smart phone to suit the way you want a phone rather than being stuck with whatever you buy.

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