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Smart Phone Reviews: What’s New in 2010?

If you’re not using a Smart Phone, then you’re not on the cutting edge of cell phone technology. In the year 2010, you’ll have more choices for smart phones than ever before, including the new smart phone that Google unveiled in January.

What is a smart phone? It’s a cross between a cell phone and a miniature computer. It allows you access to the Internet, instantly putting you in touch with the World Wide Web even while you’re on the go.

It’s also (in many cases), a small portable GPS system, depending on the type of smart phone you purchase and what optional features you’ve been provided by the carrier. These gadgets allow you to download applications on them, which let you do everything from playing games to finding a map of the stars above you just by pointing your phone to the sky.

With online capabilities, a smart phone lets you send and receive emails, instant message with friends, family, and coworkers, and even work on it as a word processor, provided you’re skilled enough to type on a small screen or keyboard.

Another important thing to know is that you can synchronize your smart phone with your computer at home, transferring files back and forth if necessary. But with so many options, how do you know which smart phone to buy?

Right now the big buzz is about Google’s Nexus One smart phone, which they’re calling the “superphone.” Depending on who you ask, you might hear that the Nexus One is going to knock the iPhone off the map entirely, or you might hear that Google came up short.

Smart phones are a very personal decision for the end users. Some people prefer a tangible QWERTY keyboard while others like the touch screen version. (And some smart phones include both).

If you’ve had trouble accessing the Internet on your previous smart phone, you’ll be glad to know that in 2010, more carriers are expanding their 3G data networks so that you have access at all times.

Carriers are working not only on making sure you get to get online at all, but that you can do it at high speeds. And your newer smart phones will house more memory than ever before, too – so you can have more apps on your phone and get more done while you’re on the move.

Smart phones will continue to evolve in the coming months – so fast that as soon as you buy one, it’s almost obsolete. You’ll have to make a decision about one currently on the market and resign yourself to the fact that something newer will come along for you to upgrade to in the near future.

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