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Touch Smart Phones – the Best Technology at Your Fingertips


Thirty seven years ago, there was no such thing as a cordless telephone much less an abundance of mobile phones like we have today. But because people wanted the freedom to live their lives rather than being stuck at home waiting for an important phone call, the demand for mobility was raised. We’ve come a long way from that clunky first cell phone to the touch smart phones you can find available for anyone who wants one.

In 1973, the first cell phone call was made on a phone that had all the sleekness and appeal of a brick. When cell phones first hit the market, they were so expensive the average consumer couldn’t afford them.

The ability to touch a screen and have it react to that touch has been around for a while in everything from postal centers with automated package mailers to touch screen employment machines at some stores.

These machines made it faster for people to get their errands completed. But when that touch screen ability was applied to mobile phones, not only was it faster to complete tasks, it opened an entire new level of mobile communication.

Who are the consumers who enjoy using the technology these phones deliver? Anyone from retirees to businessmen and women to college students and teenagers. As retirees head to the golf course or travel the world, the smart phone is their way to keep in touch with their friends and family.

Businessmen and women love that these phones give them better applications and the ability to deliver the information they need. Teens especially love the ability to sync their smart phone with their Facebook contacts.

The type of operating system (OS) that touch smart phones use will depend on what company made the phone. You’ll find some with Linux, some with Windows Mobile OS while others will have operating systems that are uniquely their own.

You’ll notice that some of the phones will list EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment)-it just means that’s the wireless network technology that phone uses. It’s the way you can surf the Internet on your phone, send a picture etc. Still other phones will say Generation 3 or you might see it listed as 3G-that means it’s the latest technology for mobile phones.

The wireless technology on the phone can vary almost as much as the unique applications you get or can download on your phone. No matter what brand or model of phone you get, one thing is certain.

The top touch smart phones have put together the latest in technology to bring you the best possible means of communication and data sharing. We’ve come a long way in how we share information with others in thirty seven years since that first cell phone call.

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Samsung Smart Phones are a Smart Choice

You can’t pull up search information on cell phones without getting back millions of possible links to check out. With all the different companies producing cell phones, it’s understandable if you don’t know which one is the smart choice. Due to the good reputation and selection of the Samsung smart phones, you can rest assured whatever model you select, you’re getting a phone you can depend on.

You can always rely on a company that’s been around for years and has developed a good relationship with customers. One of their best selling affiliate models is the Samsung Impression a877 phone.

It has the popular Qwerty keyboard for an easy ability to send email or type up a quick blog post or Twitter update – you’ll be able to stay connected to your social media contacts with ease. The phone allows users to customize the interface to suit individual needs.

The phone also works with AT & T Navigator GPS. Using the fast HSPDA 3G network, slow downloads are a thing of the past. You’ll be able to get what you want without waiting forever. Thanks to this ultra fast network, multi-tasking was never easier.

You’ll be able to conduct a business call to multiple people and while talking, you’ll be able to get and send email as well as check the Internet all at once. Just one more way that Samsung proves your time is too valuable to waste.

When you want a lot of features, you’ll find exactly that in the line of Samsung smart phones. Take the Samsung Behold II t939 for example. Using the Android software platform, this sharp image touchscreen phone gives you 6 hours of time before you’ll need a charge. Because the phone is Wi-Fi compatible, it’s the one phone that you’ll find you can’t leave home without.

You’ll get the standard features that come included with this great product like the high speed network, the HTML web browser, the organizer tools, built in GPS and more. But because Samsung delivers extras, you’ll find yourself enjoying the benefit of having memory expansion, airplane mode and the on screen keyboard.

When you’re shopping for a mobile phone, the best way to figure out which one to get is to make a list of the needs you have in a cellular device. Make sure those are all met first. Then make a list of the extra features you want but not necessarily the ones that would be a deal breaker.

Finally, compare what kind of necessary and extra features you get for the total cost of the phone. While there’s no question that the Samsung smart phones aren’t the only phones you can buy, there’s only one answer if you want the best mobile phone product on the market.

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Smart Phone Reviews: What’s New in 2010?

If you’re not using a Smart Phone, then you’re not on the cutting edge of cell phone technology. In the year 2010, you’ll have more choices for smart phones than ever before, including the new smart phone that Google unveiled in January.

What is a smart phone? It’s a cross between a cell phone and a miniature computer. It allows you access to the Internet, instantly putting you in touch with the World Wide Web even while you’re on the go.

It’s also (in many cases), a small portable GPS system, depending on the type of smart phone you purchase and what optional features you’ve been provided by the carrier. These gadgets allow you to download applications on them, which let you do everything from playing games to finding a map of the stars above you just by pointing your phone to the sky.

With online capabilities, a smart phone lets you send and receive emails, instant message with friends, family, and coworkers, and even work on it as a word processor, provided you’re skilled enough to type on a small screen or keyboard.

Another important thing to know is that you can synchronize your smart phone with your computer at home, transferring files back and forth if necessary. But with so many options, how do you know which smart phone to buy?

Right now the big buzz is about Google’s Nexus One smart phone, which they’re calling the “superphone.” Depending on who you ask, you might hear that the Nexus One is going to knock the iPhone off the map entirely, or you might hear that Google came up short.

Smart phones are a very personal decision for the end users. Some people prefer a tangible QWERTY keyboard while others like the touch screen version. (And some smart phones include both).

If you’ve had trouble accessing the Internet on your previous smart phone, you’ll be glad to know that in 2010, more carriers are expanding their 3G data networks so that you have access at all times.

Carriers are working not only on making sure you get to get online at all, but that you can do it at high speeds. And your newer smart phones will house more memory than ever before, too – so you can have more apps on your phone and get more done while you’re on the move.

Smart phones will continue to evolve in the coming months – so fast that as soon as you buy one, it’s almost obsolete. You’ll have to make a decision about one currently on the market and resign yourself to the fact that something newer will come along for you to upgrade to in the near future.

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Can LG Smart Phones Save Buyers Money and Deliver Quality Coverage?

When cell phones first converged on the market, many people thought they would never usurp the usage of landline phones, but they have. More people use cell phones than landlines now. LG smart phones are designed not only to deliver quality covered due to the expert technology within but also to save buyers money.

Some people, suspicious of the technology when it was first unveiled, shied away from buying one. Today, more than half of the population in America owns and uses a cell phone. Like people, cell phones have changed to embrace the technology that makes them better.

How do the LG Smart phones save users money? Is it by skimping on features or not paying homage to good design? Not at all. You’ll still get the great touch screen feature in models like the LG KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone.

Even with the reasonable pricing, you get extras. For example, you’ll be able to take sharp, clear pictures with the 3.2 MP camera. You’ll also be able to listen to your favorite songs through the digital media player.

You’ll have the choice to take video clips or get involved with playing games or gaming as some teenagers refer to the activity. The sensors will recognize when your hand moves and reacts with realistic game play.

Surely with the lower price, something has to fall by the wayside. So what exactly are you giving up by purchasing this phone? When you select one of the LG smart phones, you’re giving up being caught in a contract since you can buy on that’s unlocked.

You’re giving up a heavy phone-these are extremely lightweight (only 3.14 ounces) which was surprising considering everything you gain. You also give up unattractive phones when you choose an LG model. The KP500 with the opulent black finish is a phone with a beautiful finish.

For wise mobile phone shoppers, there’s also the LG KP500 Cookie unlocked phone that has a 3.15 MP camera. It comes with handwriting recognition and users can enjoy FM radio. It also has the same easy to use touch screen. The handwriting recognition means that users don’t have to use the keyboard to send a message. This definitely comes in handy when you’re in a hurry.

When you look at the various models of other brands, it’s easy to be tempted to shell out a lot of money for phones that’ll do practically everything but clean the house and wash the car. But when you can get LG smart phones that offer the same technology, the same speed and are just as attractive in design as the more expensive phones, it makes better financial sense to save money and spend it on accessories for your phone.

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The HTC Smart Phone – Compact But Packed with Features

If you’re searching for a smart phone for the first time or you’ve decided to replace the one you already have, then your search is over. The HTC Smart Phone models combine a compact design and great style with innovative function. One of the models, the HTC Touch P3542, is a favorite among consumers and it’s no wonder. This phone is perfect for either personal or business use.

This particular model is unlocked which means that if you have a contract, when your contract ends, you can go to a new cell phone carrier for service if you choose to do so. You’ll have to make sure that the phone is compatible with the carrier you’re thinking of switching to before you make a decision.

You can use a stylus with most smart phones but it takes an intelligent device to recognize commands by s simple touch. The HTC Smart Phone listed here allows users to navigate the features by using TouchFlo technology. This feature works by softly swiping a finger across the screen to bring up various screens for you to choose from. It also offers users the chance to choose contacts through the ‘dial-by-picture’ choice.

With this phone, you’ll have a battery with a long lasting life between charges giving you more connection time when you need it. The phone works with Wi-Fi and as an added bonus feature includes GPS navigation. It has the dependability of Windows Mobile 6 and comes with Outlook Mobile.

Outlook Mobile allows users to keep up with email and have access to their calendar and the information can be stored neatly in folders so you have access to what you need when you want it. This model also brings users Office Mobile and instant messaging as well.

Some smart phones limit the amount of third party applications you can have on your phone but with the P3542, you can have thousands of apps on your phone. The Edge data network brings consumers fast downloads so you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for what you want.

Saving you time in downloads is only one way this phone helps makes the most of your day. Completing your tasks are easier than ever when you’re busy on the go but need to zip off a quick message to a business contact. This model will help you spell like a champ because it automatically fixes simple spelling mistakes.

Have your phone your way. Certain phones will only allow you to keep it the way the manufacturer sets the specifications. But you can customize your HTC smart phone to suit the way you want a phone rather than being stuck with whatever you buy.

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Top Smart Phones Save You Time and Money

The top smart phones make your life easier and save you time and money. Here are a few examples of how they do that. When you’re getting ready to go on an unfamiliar trip, unless you have a photographic memory and have memorized all the roads, you’ll have to look up the routes. You’ll pull up the browser on your computer and try to pinpoint the best roads to travel to reach your destination.

Not only is that a time waster, it’s also a hassle if you end up leaving the directions lying at the house and only realize it an hour into your trip. The smart phones eliminate the need for this step because they come with GPS features. All you have to do is pack (too bad the phone can’t do that too!)

Another way the top smart phones can save you time and money is through the use of the Internet. Since you can tap right into the Internet with your smart phone, you won’t have to waste all your time off checking email or taking care of the 101 mundane online tasks that pile up.

You can take care of them throughout the day. There’s power even in five to ten minute increments. In five to ten minutes using the phone, you can send a needed document, nag your kids to make it home in time to have dinner as a family, confirm an appointment and even pay a bill or two.

You’ll save time because you’ll have everything in one place. You can do away with the need to keep up with paper calendars or to-do lists because you’ll have it all in your phone.

We’ve covered a few ways that the phone can save you time but how about saving you money? When you’re out of town and you need to move money from savings to your checking so you can pull it out at the ATM, all you have to do is access your bank account and switch the money over.

You can also use the phone to comparison shop. If you’re not sure you’re getting the best deal on a product, whip out your phone and search to see what the competition is offering. Some stores will even give you a better deal to keep your business if they see the competition beats their price.

Another great way that top smart phones can save you money is through the use of the applications. Many of these applications are available via free download. You can find applications that will help you know where and when to buy certain items for the best price. Personal finance applications will let you see where your money is being spent.

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What’s the Best Palm Smart Phone for College Students?

Attending a state, private or technical college is a step that many graduating high school seniors take as they head off into their future. The Palm smart phone can help any student ease into the hectic life of higher education.

Life becomes filled with new adventures, forging new friendships, and learning how to prepare for their life’s work. With those new adventures though, they need a way to stay in touch with not only their family and friends but they also need a way to remind them about important tests, a way to schedule to-do tasks and even a way to have some downtime from all that studying.

It’s true, though, that not all phones are invented to bring users equal service. But stacked up against others, a few of them take the stage and shine as the star player. The Palm Treo Pro with Wi-Fi is one of those stars.

With Wi-Fi and hotspots, the college student can have more time surfing the net looking for those research answers and kicking back after a long day of cramming. Since the phone also comes with GPS, finding the way around an unfamiliar city won’t be a problem.

The Palm Treo isn’t the only model of Palm smart phone that’s best for college students. There’s also the Centro GSM unlocked phone. It also has GPS and comes with a warranty.

Students can add applications to customize the phone to suit their preferences. The Centro is compact and light enough to fit easily into the palm of the hand and the slim design appeals to students and the fact it contains a wealth of features including the Qwerty keyboard is an added bonus. One of the great things about this phone is that the cost won’t hit your wallet as hard as some of the more expensive ones would.

While the build and extras in this phone make it appealing to the younger crowd, these phones aren’t just suitable for college students. It’s a perfect pick for the mom on the go, the businessman or woman climbing the ladder of corporate success or the stay at home entrepreneur.

The smooth casing makes it presentable as well as durable for a phone that’s long lasting as well as pleasing to the eye. The performance of the phone is created to bring owners performance that gives a quick response time.

Choosing a cell phone doesn’t have to be a tough decision once you know the kind of dependability that’s in the phones. With all the power packed into the Palm phone, it’s easy to see why a Palm smart phone is great for college students and anyone else who appreciates technology at its best.

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Are T-Mobile Smart Phones a Good Buy?

When cell phones were first introduced, there wasn’t a lot of choice in the kind of phone you could get and there weren’t a lot of features. Many of them contained only the basics. But all that’s changed – especially with the T-Mobile smart phones.

The large selection of phones both in stores and online today means that if you don’t like what one company has to offer, you can look and see what their competitor has instead. One of the leading companies that produces a solid phone is T-Mobile and their smart phones have captured their fair share of the market.

One of the main choices you need to decide on before you shop is whether or not you want a touch screen. If you’ve never tried one before, you might be hesitant to change from buttons to touch, but once you do, there won’t be any going back.

Touch screen phones are fast and a lot handier to use than the phones with button only. All you have to do is touch your finger to the screen. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Since touch screen is the way the future of mobile phones are headed, you’re going to find more of a selection in touch screen phones.

Some opponents of touch screen have said that it means you’ll get a larger device and the cost will be higher. But that’s not necessarily true. The T-Mobile smart phones take the touch screen ability, combine it with cutting edge features and still manage to package it in a lightweight and attractive device.

For proof, take a look at their Dash Phone. It’s only 4.2 ounces-certainly not a heavyweight. It’s slim and attractive and yet still provides users the sought after Qwerty keyboard. You can surf the Internet with Wi-Fi or EDGE. You’ll get all the top rated Mobile features like Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint-everything designed to make your life on the go as productive out of the office as it is in it.

The Dash Phone isn’t the only phone T-Mobile phone you’ll love. Their G1 Phone with Google is a hit and comes in a variety of colors. Coupled with some of the perks you enjoy about Google like the Maps and Gmail, the phone is suitable for both personal and business needs.

With this phone, if you go with a contract, you’ll get T-Mobile’s myFaves service which lets you call five people and won’t count against your minutes. All your long distance calls that are domestic won’t cost you.

Calls made in the United States won’t incur any roaming charges so that’s a good deal there but only if you don’t mind having a contract. But contract or not, T-Mobile smart phones are a good buy no matter what model you choose.

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GPS Smart Phones – the All in One Tool

Before smart phones, there were laptops. Cell phones. GPS navigators. MP3 players. Portable video games. All great devices were juggled together individually and stuck in a pocket here, a pocket there. GPS navigators were mounted on dashboards and checked before a trip. Not a very convenient way to plan a travel event. Then along came smart technology and combined all these devices (and more) into GPS smart phones.

Before this technology eliminated the need for a way to figure out destinations and map out the quickest route from point A to point B, users had no choice but to purchase them separately. So on top of the clutter, there was the extra cost.

Using phones equipped with GPS, users can travel assured with turn by turn navigation making losing their way a thing of the past. This feature isn’t just for traveling to a new place either.

If you’re meeting an old friend for lunch or taking a client out for dinner, you can easily locate the best restaurant and get driving directions. In the event your vehicle is ever stuck due to bad weather such as snow or you’re in an accident, the GPS system can guide help to your location. The system is simple to use and once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to go without one again.

Even though GPS smart phones have the ability to direct your travel and pinpoint your location in the event of an emergency, they come built in to the phone in a sophisticated design.

There won’t be any bulky boxes you have to mount in your car. Not all smart phones come equipped with GPS and since for a comparable price you can get a phone with the system, you should. One of the phones that comes with the system also happens to be an unlocked phone.

The Palm Treo Pro Unlocked Phone has the GPS and also comes with a 2 MP Camera. It’s 3G and the US version has the warranty included. Since the phone is unlocked, you can take it the carrier you’d like to use as long as it’s compatible.

This phone also has the advanced Windows Mobile 6.1. This phone is great not only for travelers who want the GPS on a phone but it’s perfect for businessmen and women thanks to the lengthy talk time (5 hours). When you get a voicemail, the phone will flash to let you know so that you won’t miss anything important.

Many of the GPS smart phones will bring users Bluetooth connectivity so if you’re driving in states that prohibit cell phone usage while driving, you’ll be covered and won’t have to miss out on those important conference calls.

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Mobile Smart Phones Keep You Connected

Mobile smart phones are not a single brand belonging to any one company, but rather the term refers to phones that have capabilities exceeding those of an ordinary cell phone. These phones have features that include processors that are more powerful than standard cell phones as well as more memory and a better operating system.

These phones usually employ the use of a touch screen instead of buttons and have more of a computer feel to them than a phone. Built in computer chips are the reason why they’re so ‘smart’ and they work by using processors. Some have SD cards or memory you can take out and put in compatible phone. This is a handy feature in case you ruin your phone your information will be saved.

Like many people, you probably come with a lot of technology baggage if you have a cell phone, an iPod, a digital camera plus all sorts of devices that were made to bring you the best and latest in technology.

But carrying around several devices can get cumbersome not to mention annoying trying to keep track of all that stuff. You need to simplify all the gadgets you have to keep up with yet you still need the hardware that can give you the same networking ability.

That’s why you need to invest in purchasing a mobile smart phone. No more numerous devices for you take with you. A smart phone brings everything you need together and packs it all in one simple piece of equipment.

You’ll get your calendar to keep track of appointments, your phone, a way to listen to music plus take pictures as well as a phone that can check email like a computer. Most have other computer like abilities including being able to watch television shows, videos and some even act as book readers.

Not only will you get many of the same features you enjoy on a home computer, but you can also get phones that act as a GPS system, gives you a compass and even lets you download and play games when you have some time to kill. With most standard cell phones, you basically get what you’re given and you don’t have any other choice if you don’t like what’s on the phone.

When you purchase a smart phone, you’ll be able to put what you’d like to have on the system because you’ll be able to reconfigure the phone as long as you understand the application programming and they’re fairly simple so most people get them. The mobile smart phone may be a way to keep people connected, but it’s so much more than a phone. It’s changed the way people communicate for the better.

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