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Touch Smart Phones – the Best Technology at Your Fingertips


Thirty seven years ago, there was no such thing as a cordless telephone much less an abundance of mobile phones like we have today. But because people wanted the freedom to live their lives rather than being stuck at home waiting for an important phone call, the demand for mobility was raised. We’ve come a long way from that clunky first cell phone to the touch smart phones you can find available for anyone who wants one.

In 1973, the first cell phone call was made on a phone that had all the sleekness and appeal of a brick. When cell phones first hit the market, they were so expensive the average consumer couldn’t afford them.

The ability to touch a screen and have it react to that touch has been around for a while in everything from postal centers with automated package mailers to touch screen employment machines at some stores.

These machines made it faster for people to get their errands completed. But when that touch screen ability was applied to mobile phones, not only was it faster to complete tasks, it opened an entire new level of mobile communication.

Who are the consumers who enjoy using the technology these phones deliver? Anyone from retirees to businessmen and women to college students and teenagers. As retirees head to the golf course or travel the world, the smart phone is their way to keep in touch with their friends and family.

Businessmen and women love that these phones give them better applications and the ability to deliver the information they need. Teens especially love the ability to sync their smart phone with their Facebook contacts.

The type of operating system (OS) that touch smart phones use will depend on what company made the phone. You’ll find some with Linux, some with Windows Mobile OS while others will have operating systems that are uniquely their own.

You’ll notice that some of the phones will list EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment)-it just means that’s the wireless network technology that phone uses. It’s the way you can surf the Internet on your phone, send a picture etc. Still other phones will say Generation 3 or you might see it listed as 3G-that means it’s the latest technology for mobile phones.

The wireless technology on the phone can vary almost as much as the unique applications you get or can download on your phone. No matter what brand or model of phone you get, one thing is certain.

The top touch smart phones have put together the latest in technology to bring you the best possible means of communication and data sharing. We’ve come a long way in how we share information with others in thirty seven years since that first cell phone call.

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Get a Complete Home Theater Package

home theater

home theater

Having a home theater today is more than the norm than not. People have discovered that having their own theater at home is a much more pleasant experience than actually going to the theater. Maybe you’ve decided to join the ranks of those who have their own home theater. If so, you’ll want to consider getting the whole home theater package.

Why should you get a complete home theater package? If you’re looking for a home theater system and you’re not that handy with technology, everything you need is already compiled. No “on your own” hassles of trying to figure out what pieces you need for your home theater. All you have to do is select the right package.

You’ll save money when you buy the complete package because they’re not as expensive, so they’re suited toward any budget – even if you’re just setting up house. All of the components are bundled for the same price.

Understand that if you’re setting up your home theater in a large or oversized room, or you have cathedral ceilings, you’ll need at least 5.1 channel surround sound. You can go with a 2.1 channel for smaller rooms, but it’s not recommended for larger ones. Some manufacturers have higher channel configurations such as the 7.1 so that might be a consideration for you as well.

Some people are hesitant to buy a prepackaged home theater because they don’t know if the speakers will be any good. While it’s true there are some substandard speakers out on the market, buying in a complete package protects you from that.

The reason many of the speakers included in a complete home theater package are good is because they’re required to be. There are rules that companies have to follow, guidelines that say what quality speakers have to have. Different industries have different standards that have to be adhered to in order for the product to be certified that it meets the standards.

In a complete home theater package, the speakers that are marked as having THX certification are the kind you can count on. If the speakers do not meet the qualifications for THX certification, it means they’re not up to industry standards. THX means the speakers will play back the sound accurately.

What can you expect a complete package to cost you? A few thousand dollars on the high end – but you come out better in the long run having your own home theater. And when you get the complete package, all you have to do is add chairs and you’re ready to relax and watch!

Home theaters are great for anyone to have but especially so if you’re a movie buff. And if you’re looking for a fantastic gift to present to one of your loved ones, surprise them with a complete home theater package.

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